Year of the Snake

Sssssss! That’s how a serpent says “Happy Chinese New Year!”

Are you ready for fifteen days full of fireworks, lion dances and delicious goodies? Just don’t forget to kick off the festivities with stylish Chinese New Year cards.

Here are a few of our favorites:

-Since this is the year of the snake, go ahead and send a greeting featuring that slithering specimen to your nearest and dearest. And while it would be funny to see those startled reactions, sending a real snake is frowned upon.


-It’s not a celebration until you start setting off some firecrackers. Just make sure you always keep a bucket of water nearby. After all, you wouldn’t want any unexpected visits from your local fire department. Well… the ladies might not mind.


-This playful panda has his red envelope, do you have yours yet? However, this does beg the question, what could a panda possibly do with an envelope full of money?


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