Easy ways to stay thoughtful this summer.

From birthdays to bbqs, engagements and little league, summer tends to be jam packed with activity. Top off your busy schedule with some random acts of kindness, and you’ll be golden. Here are a few of our favorite ways to stay thoughtful all summer long.

Add a little surprise inside birthday cards.

Did you know? You can add gift cards right inside our greetings? Pick their favorite retailer, choose an amount and viola—we’ll print it right inside.


Show some pride for parents.

Parents’ day is July 28—so there’s still time to send props to Mom n’ Pop with a fun gift.

Mounted PrintPhone-Case

Make someone’s day, just ’cause.

That’s what thinking of you cards are for, after all! Send a little surprise to friends near and far.

Wistful Raccoon

Share the love at summer weddings.

Give your best to the bride and groom with a mug made just for them.


Give a shout out to hosts with the most.

Hospitality cards are the cutest way to say “thanks” for a great time.

Delighted Diner

Send kudos to kids at camp.

What’s better than getting a care package a sleepaway camp? We think nothing! Send them a fun reminder of home with cards and gifts featuring the family pet.


What are your favorite ways to stay thoughtful?



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