Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when it’s on a Weekday

So St. Paddy’s Day is one of your favorite holidays? And of course you love to stay out late and celebrate til’ the wee hours of the morn’. But it’s not so easy to stay out until the sun comes up when you have to drag yourself out of bed and head to work the next day. So how can you have a blast without spiraling into a sea of self-loathing and regret tomorrow morning? Well, these St. Patrick’s Day celebration ideas are perfect for those who need to turn in at an early hour but still wish to have their fill of green gaiety. And remember to send a little luck of the Irish to loved ones with some fun St. Patrick’s Day ecards before you head out.

Amazing St Patricks Day eCard

Go Out but Don’t Stay Out

Many St. Patrick’s Day events begin in the early evening, so go ahead and attend your local St. Patrick’s Day parade or hop on over to a celebration down at the pub. You can still participate in all the standard St. Patrick’s Day activities, just make sure you turn into a pumpkin at a fairly reasonable time.

Make a Hearty Irish Meal

There isn’t a tastier way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than by feasting on traditional Irish fare. Stick to the classics, corned beef and cabbage, shepherd’s pie and delectable Irish soda bread. Also be sure to invite friends and loved ones over in order to have an even more festive time. These timeless dishes are so delicious that they’ll have you and everyone else doing an Irish jig.

Celebrate on the Weekend

While some cities and towns do hold public St. Patrick’s Day celebrations on the Saturday closest to the actual day, they tend to be few and far between. Another possibility is for you to plan your own St. Patrick’s Day celebration on the weekend so that everyone can feel free to stay out late without having to worry about going into work the next day.

If you have to wake up early and head to work tomorrow, tell us how you plan on celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

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