Unique and Unexpected Budget Friendly Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas

The peak of wedding season is only a few months away and that means a lot of couples will be celebrating their anniversaries soon. And if you happened to tie the knot during the main wedding months, it’s time for you to start planning a special anniversary date. But if you’re running low on original date ideas, we’re here to help.

Sentimental Scavenger Hunt

Hide an anniversary card or small gifts at locations that hold special memories for the two of you. You can place items near the location where you shared your first kiss or where the marriage proposal occurred. This might take some time to plan and prepare but there’s no doubt your spouse will be in awe of such a thoughtful and creative anniversary date idea.

first anniversary cards at Treat

Canoe Trip and Picnic

Plan a canoe trip at a local state park and stop on your way down the river for a romantic picnic. This is a great anniversary date idea for couples who love doing things in the great outdoors. It’ll scratch that itch for adventure and will also allow the two of you to enjoy a romantic and relaxing time together.

Painting with Wine

The more artistic couples will love taking a wine and painting class together. It’s a fun way for you and your spouse to express your creativity and it’s certainly a unique anniversary date idea. Also, some wine and painting classes are geared towards couples so be sure to find one that has more of a romantic atmosphere.

Lovely Anniversary Cards at Treat

So blow the socks off your spouse this year by planning something they’ll never forget. And if you want to see even more unique anniversary date ideas, click here.

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