Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Kids with Santa

Every parent MUST have a photo of their child with a shopping mall Santa. It’s a tradition that moms and dads have continued for generations. Can you believe the origins of the department store Santa go back to the 1800s? This means that millions of kids have screamed and sobbed with countless Kris Kringle impersonators throughout the years. And every parent knows that it’s nearly impossible to capture a Santa photo with your little one smiling and looking directly at the camera. That’s why we’re sharing a few tips that will hopefully lead to the perfect picture of shopping center Saint Nick and your tiny tot.

Santa Photo Tip #1: Santa Who?

Before you decide to stand in that huge line, make sure your child actually knows who Santa is. Otherwise they’re going to be asking themselves, “Why is this hairy old man holding me and what the heck does ‘Ho Ho Ho’ mean?” So avoid the possibility of a fear-filled photograph by showing them images or even movies featuring jolly Ol’ Saint Nick. Anything that will help them understand he’s just a magical chubby guy who brings everyone gifts on Christmas Eve will certainly get them to settle down when it comes time to take the photo.

Picture with Santa Christmas Cards at Treat

Santa Photo Tip #2: Missing Nap Time is a No-No

Your effort to capture the perfect Santa snapshot is doomed from the start if your child is tired. If you think you can get junior to flash a big grin in the middle of his nap time then think again. Not even a festive guy with gifts will be able to turn that frown upside down. So heed this critical piece of advice—a well-rested child will make for a fantastic photo with Santa.

Santa Photo Tip #3: Avoid a Santa Fraud (Who Sits on a Throne of Lies)

A great Santa photo is simply not possible without a great Mr. Claus. Be sure to find a shopping center where they have a “little helper” who truly embodies the guy in the old Coca-Cola ads. Rosie cheeks, a round belly and a full white beard are essential. Of course your little one is going to be the focal point, but we guarantee that a skinny Santa with phony facial hair is going to stick out like a sore thumb. We recommend visiting a few different malls in order to find someone who reflects Father Christmas best.

Christmas Photo with Santa Cards at Treat

And once you have your hands on the perfect picture, you’re certainly gonna want to show it off. After all, you put a lot of hard work and effort into ensuring your child’s shopping center Santa photo shoot went off without a hitch. So be sure to pat yourself on the back and proudly show off the fruits of your labor by putting that adorable picture on a Christmas card.

But if you didn’t get a great photo, sometimes a bad picture can even become a classic. It’s okay, there’s always next year…

Crying Kid Christmas Card at Treat

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