The Dos and Don’ts of Thank You Card Etiquette

In our world of text messages, emails and tweets, sending personalized thank you cards is now more meaningful than ever. Sure snail mail might seem like an archaic form of communication, but aside from actually giving that generous person a giant bear hug and conveying your appreciation face to face, writing out a thank you card is the most personal and special way that you can show your gratitude. So if you’re thinking about texting an ardent “TY!” the very next time you wish to say thanks, we implore you to put your phone down, back away slowly and take our advice on the dos and don’ts of thank you card etiquette.

Flowery Praise Thank You Card

What to send:

Do stamp, lick and send a thank you card by mail of course! This shows that you put time, effort and thought into thanking someone for their kindness.

Don’t express your gratitude through email, text message or something that resembles this: #thanksabillion.

On the Mark Thank You Card

What to write:

Do write from the heart and be specific about what it is that you are thankful for. Also, you don’t need to eloquently articulate your gratitude with an elegant piece of prose. Something that’s simple, straightforward and sincere will certainly be enough.

Don’t just sign your name and send. Even if the card already features a tender saying or a sweet poem, you should still write a few words that reflect your gratitude.

Naturally Grateful Thank You Card

When to send:

Do send out your thank you card as soon as you can. You should be sticking that card in the mail within a week if possible.

Don’t keep putting it off or telling yourself you’ll get to it later because YOU NEVER WILL!!! Before you know it, almost a whole year will have passed and by then it will be too late.

Simply Thoughtful Thank You Card

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