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Thinking of You Cards

Who’s on your mind these days? Whether it’s a long lost friend or a new crush, let ‘em know you’re thinking of them. It’ll make their day, we promise.

Here’s a few of our favorites:
1. Still feeling a little nostalgic about last month’s vacation? Send this card to a friend who’s likely feeling the same way (misery loves company, ya know).

2. This face is likely to grab the attention of anyone who sets eyes on this little guy. And in a tutu!? We dare you not to smile at this one.

3. Perfect for your cat loving friend (because we all have one).

4. I miss your face—simple, but direct. And who wouldn’t just love a picture of YOU anyways?

5. Are you the romantic type, but bad with words? Let this short and meaningful poem do the talking…hey, never said we were poets.

6. Because your two arms are plenty good enough to send this card to a special someone.

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