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Photo Father’s Day Cards

What makes a card truly personal? A personal note? Yes. Adding a nickname or quote? Yes. A favorite photo? Double yes!

We’re big fans of photo cards and here are a few of our favorite photo Father’s Day cards. Let us know which ones you like best.

  1. This isn’t just a card, it’s a keepsake. Dad will keep this on his desk at work for all to see!
  2. Dig up some old photos of your Dad–the odds are that his outfit’s questionable!
  3. C’mon, let Dad be the King for the day. He deserves it.
  4. If you want to include pictures from numerous events or over maybe a bunch of Dad’s favorites over the year, this sweet and sentimental card is for you.
  5. Do you have that photo that already says it all? Let it shine in this card.
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  1. Cards is the most personal gift for me. To spend time making it gorgeous the digital way is an awesome way!

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