Staff Picks:

Mother’s Day Cards for Grandma

The focus for Mother’s Day is on the mom (of course!), but what about the grandmas? Since grandmas are such super moms, we’ve decided to dedicate this edition of Staff Picks to them!

  1. The thought of grandma’s cookies makes my mouth water, which is why I love these two cards. Are you imaging that you’re licking the beaters too? Mmmm.
  2. This card is so sweet and sentimental, it’s sure to make your granny cry (tears of joy!).
  3. Shower grandma with compliments and maybe throw in a couple reasons that will make her laugh. The high level of customization on this card makes it easy to say exactly what you want.
  4. I can still remember fun weekends at grandma’s house. I’d eat whatever I wanted, we’d do whatever I wanted and my mom would never find out about all the licorice we both ate.
  5. Nothing makes grandma happier than pictures of her grandchildren. Showcase her favorite picture in this lovely, modern design.
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