Say cheese! Photo tips for great greetings.

Summer offers endless opportunities to hang out with your favorite people… vacation, birthday outings, family get-togethers and even the sweet, sweet joy of running through the sprinkler on a sizzling afternoon. And there’s no better way to make it last than capturing it on camera. Here’s a handful (and then some) of our favorite tips to keep in mind so your next card-sending occasion is a smashing, photo-friendly success.

1. Upload photos as you go.

Upload pics when you take them so they’re easily accessible come card making time. We can import your images from Shutterfly, Facebook and other photo sharing sites.


2. Be yourselves.

Candid shots tend to make the best photo cards. Have fun with it—and don’t forget the family pet!



3. Let each kid shine.

Don’t have all the kiddos in one shot? Choose a multi-photo design so everyone can have equal real estate on the card.


4. Keep your cam on hand.

Snap pics when everyone’s together so you’ll have a nice pool of photos to pick from for future birthdays, anniversaries, thank you cards and more.

5. The collage is your friend.   

Have a bunch of snaps on your favorite social sites? Choose a multi-photo design to make a keepsake collage they’ll love. Multi-photo cards are also great for low-res images (ie. the ones you’re borrowing from Facebook!).


6. Personalize that card from front to back.

Check out our fun filters, layouts and font options to bring your photo cards to fruition. You can even add a pic and message to the back panel of any card for your signature signoff.

7. Find designs to fit your pics.

Whether you have the perfect photo for the occasion or can’t seem to settle on just one, our single and multi-photo options make it uber-easy to find the right fit.


Have your own photo fun to add? Leave us a tip below.

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