International Flirting Week

Get ready to bat those pretty lashes and attempt your best pickup lines, because February 13-19 is International Flirting Week! Wait, what’s that? You’re just finding out about this obscure holiday right now? Then hurry up and apply that seductive red lipstick or spray yourself with some pheromone enhanced cologne and put your suave flirting skills to the test.

But if you’re not fluent in the art flirting, don’t use that as an excuse to sit this amorous holiday out. Instead, you can be a little less forward with your flirtatious tactics by simply smiling at anyone who you think is attractive and maybe even throwing a wink or two their way. But don’t wink too much otherwise they’ll just think there’s something in your eye.

And who says flirting is only a single person’s game? Even if you’re already attached to that special someone, it doesn’t mean you’re forbidden from participating in the frisky festivities of flirting week. So channel some of that residual romance from Valentine’s Day and spice things up with your significant other by giving them one of these flirtatious cards.

Flirty Card


Flirty Card 2

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