How to Make an Unforgettable Christmas Card

We all know that the Kardashian Christmas card is the benchmark against which all other Christmas cards are judged. For countless years they have set a standard that is still unmatched by any family.

Well my friends, despite their ambitious effort this year, we’re excited to announce that we now possess the keys to creating unforgettable Christmas cards. Finally you and your loved ones will know what it takes to dethrone these reality TV titans and claim the title as having “The Most Epic Christmas Card of the Year.”

Okay, maybe we got a little too excited. After all, most of us don’t have enough pennies in our pocketbook to create such a decadent Christmas card. But this doesn’t mean you can’t still make something that will remain in the minds of your nearest and dearest long after the holidays are through.

Just follow a few of these simple tips and you’ll be on your way to creating the most unforgettable Christmas card that everyone on your mailing list has ever laid eyes on!

Nutcracker Christmas Cards at Treat

Have a Plan: Nothing great ever came about from doing things by the seat of your pants. Well, maybe lots of great things have, but a Christmas card is definitely not one of them. Before you begin creating your card, make sure you have a firm idea of what it should look like. From the family photo to the card’s design, starting with a well thought out plan will make the rest of the process a lot easier.

Find a Design: An unforgettable Christmas card of course begins with a great design. It should be consistent with the overall theme or tone of your card. For example, if your greeting is meant to be funny, you might want to use a design that’s filled with hilarious holiday characters. Or if you want your card to exude elegance, choose a design that features fashionable font styling and gorgeous art deco embellishments.

Polka Dot Christmas Cards at Treat

Take a Memorable Photo (Optional): Even though a photo isn’t always required, family members definitely love to see those beaming smiles front and center on your Christmas card. So if you happen to have the time (and the energy), grab your spouse and rustle up the little ones for a festive photo shoot. And be sure to implement a few of our photo tips for best results.

Provide a Short Recap of the Year: Instead of sending Christmas cards that only bear short holiday sayings, spend a little more time personalizing your message. Give everyone a brief update on any exciting family news or events that have occurred over the past year. Your recipients will surely love reading a personalized summary on how everyone is doing.

Keep Calm Merry On Christmas Card at Treat

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