How to Ask Someone to Be Your Valentine

Have you asked that special someone, “Will you be my Valentine?” Not yet? Well whether you’re mustering up the courage to ask your secret crush or contemplating a sweet way to woo your spouse, we’ve cooked up a few ideas that are more effective than cupid’s arrow.

Gift Giving – Surely there’s nothing more appropriate on this day of romance than appealing to one of the five love languages? That’s right, for many people, gift giving is a guaranteed way to win over their heart. So try buttering up your love interest by showering them with sweet treats, beautiful bouquets and other thoughtful gifts. One of our favorite ideas is a personalized mug that’s filled with decadent chocolates. Now how can anyone resist that?

Personalized Mugs with Chocolate at Treat

Write a Song – If you’re musically gifted, try expressing your sentiments in the form of a song. Compose a tune yourself or sing a melody from a famous artist. We guarantee your crush will be swooning as soon as your vocal chords start vibrating.

Love Song Valentines Day Cards at Treat

PDA (Public Display of Affection) – Ready for a modern way to proclaim your passion? Use social media! Inquire if he or she would be willing to be your Valentine by making a quick and creative Vine video or taking a charming Instagram photo.

Make a Card – Put your feelings on paper. It’s certainly the most timeless method of expressing your love. But why not kick it up a notch with an extra charming card? Write a cute poem or add a romantic snapshot to your favorite Valentine’s Day card from Treat. It’s definitely enough to garner you a big smooch from that special boy or girl.

Romantic Valentine's Day Cards at Treat

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