DSLR & Digital Camera vs Smartphone

Photography Infographic -

Which Camera is Best for Photos?

As the quality of smartphone cameras continue to improve, DSLR and compact digital camera sales have steadily declined in the past few years. Also, with tons of helpful and artistic photo apps to choose from, smartphones have made photography not only easier but also more cost-effective. Amateur photographers no longer have to dish out large sums of money for elaborate photo post-processing programs to edit their pictures. Now the power to create outstanding images is right in the palm of your hand!

So which camera is best to use for photos? Well that really depends on your needs and whether or not you’re a professional photographer or an amateur. But here are a few reasons why people prefer to use their smartphones for their photography:

  • The ease and immediacy of sharing via email, text message and social media.
  • It’s more convenient than carrying around a bulky camera.
  • Even though smartphone images don’t have the best photo quality, it is more than sufficient.
  • You can edit your pictures with an app and upload them anywhere instantly.
  • It’s an all-in-one device.

Since the capability to capture stunning photos is so readily available, the number of pictures taken has increased exponentially in recent years. But what happens to all these images after they’re captured?  Do you share them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or do they stay on your phone and never see the light of day? Unfortunately both of these alternatives seem to be the norm. So how can we get better at sharing our special memories with the ones we love? Easy! We can preserve those timeless images on thoughtful greeting cards. It’s something that friends and family will be able to cherish for years to come, and they’ll love your card even more because your amazing photography is on it.

So keep snapping away with your camera of choice. And remember, no matter if they’re taken with a smartphone or a $5,000 DSLR, your pictures are special and deserve the attention they’ll get when displayed on a special greeting card.

DSLR vs Smartphone Photography Infographic

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