A Holiday of Hoaxes

Pranksters everywhere are rejoicing because their favorite holiday is almost here—April Fools’ Day! It’s the one time out of the year where it’s socially acceptable for everyone to turn into a pathological liar. So prepare yourself for all the deceitful stories and practical jokes that will occur during this mischievous occasion.

Here’s a bit of advice that will help you to stay sane amidst all the devious shenanigans: TRUST NO ONE! We undoubtedly guarantee that every single person you come across on April 1st will have something sneaky up their sleeve.

But you don’t need to pull any practical jokes in order to get a few cheap laughs right? You’re obviously better than that. So instead of stooping down to everyone else’s level, you can simply acknowledge this silly holiday by giving friends one of these funny April Fools’ Day cards.

April Fools Day Card Favorite Fool

April Fools Day Card Friendly Jester

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