7 Good Apps for Taking Selfies

We are all guilty of the occasional selfie — outstretched arm, your ‘best side’ angled towards the camera, half your body missing from the pic, awful color balance. These telltale signs of amateur photography aren’t going to impress anyone.

Fortunately, with so many great apps out there, it’s easy to improve the quality of your photos and take your selfie to the next level — whiten teeth, enhance colors, eliminate blemishes and tone your background without the need for expensive professional grade software. And with the new Treat app now available, you can instantly create a greeting card masterpiece and send them directly to your loved ones. With all the eye-catching photos you’ll be creating, you’ll be itching to find an occasion.

Once you get the hang of editing, it really becomes an easy way to spice up an otherwise dull photo. Not all apps are created equal, so pay attention as I go through my favorites. But first, let me take a selfie.

1. TimerCam

PHOTO: Timercam B&W Selfie

Black and White Selfie

The best way to get a great shot of yourself is to have somebody else take it. This is not a selfie. In order for it to be a selfie, you need to be the photographer, and finding a flattering angle at such a close distance is difficult.

Instead of using your outstretched arm to take your selfie, use TimerCam. This awesome, free app lets you set a timer for 5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds, allowing for enough time to get into position and strike a pose.

Prop your phone up against the wall, a mirror ledge, a tree, the hood of your car, a beach chair, set the timer, and viola, a perfect self portrait! Photos are conveniently stored in your Camera Roll so you can instantly get to work toning and retouching!

2. Tadaa

PHOTO: Red hair phone selfie

Red Hair Photo

PHOTO: Red hair Tadaa selfie

Red Hair 2

Tadaa is my go-to app for enhancing color on photos taken with your phone’s built in camera. It’s easy to manipulate the saturation, contrast and brightness to create a visually stimulating photo. I’d suggest using it to intensify blues in the sky or greens in the landscape, and in my case, the orange in my hair.

Undoing mistakes is easy since Tadaa does not save over every adjustment throughout the editing process. The ability to go back and changed previously altered settings is extremely helpful when playing around with the various features.

The app is free but additional enhancements are available through in-app purchase and allow for greater creative flexibility. Once complete, you can instantly upload the photo straight to your Instagram or Facebook account or simply save to your Camera Roll.

3. Photo Editor by Aviary

PHOTO: Blemished Baby

Baby Blemishes

PHOTO: Retouched Baby

Removed Baby Blemishes from Photo

Got a blemish, mole or freckle staring back at you? Aviary’s editing app has wonderful retouching options to enhance your complexion. Check out our model, Abby. It was easy to get rid of the scratch and bring out the pink in her cheeks.

This app is definitely an all-in-one, with filter, crop, adjustment, blur and additional creative options also available.

4. Moldiv

PHOTO: Moldiv selfie collage

Processed with Moldiv

Creating collages has never been easier. Using Moldiv you can add up to five photos per frame with over 100 different frames to choose from. Pay $1.99 for the premium frame package and you can access some really funky options.

This app is definitely great for showing off photos from more than one aspect of an event or all your selfies at once! If you’re feeling clever, add some text and design your own meme in an attempt at some laughs.

5. Blux Camera Pro

PHOTO: Sunset

Beautiful Sunset Photo

Blux Camera Pro will do so much more than other camera apps. The only catch is that you have to do all the enhancements using the app’s camera before you take the picture.

On the plus side, since all the enhancements are done on the front end, no editing is required. The result is a higher quality image that may transfer better to print than a heavily post-processed photo.

6. Squaready

PHOTO: Square Moonrise

Moon Over Ocean Photo

PHOTO: Squaready moonrise

Framed Moon Over Ocean Photo

So you’ve taken your best shot and toned, retouched and collaged, but when you go to upload it into Instagram you find the dimensions are all off. You’re left with a cropped photo that lacks the same appeal as the original. With some help from Squareready, any pic can fit Instagram’s square format.

Vertical photos are no longer a problem and you can finally upload those awesome panoramic shots you’ve been wanting to show off to your Instagram followers. To avoid having a black border, choose white for your background.

7. Treat

Treat Greeting Card Maker App

In no time, you’ll be a pro at editing your photos. But don’t stop there! Creating personalized greeting cards is a cinch with the Treat mobile app. Choose from one of the pre-loaded designs, craft a personalized message, upload your photo, and Treat will send it directly to your loved ones!

Wherever you are, I’m sure there’s somebody out there that misses you and would love to see your smiling face! And honestly, who doesn’t appreciate thoughtful messages sent via the postman? You’ll probably win some extra brownie points while you’re at it.

Lindsey Leigh Graham is an amateur wildlife and surf photographer located in Folly Beach, SC. Her inspiration comes from living on the coast, and the majority of her photos are of creatures and landscapes that surround the sea. Having grown tired of the traditional ‘mat and frame’ approach to hanging photos, she decided to find a method for creating decorative and functional pieces of wall art. She mainly works with reclaimed wood and glass to create wood ornaments, keychain holders and light boxes, but the same photo transfer methods can be applied to a variety of mediums.

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