5 Tips to Help You Survive Black Friday

If you’re planning to face the mob of furious Black Friday shoppers next week, here are a few tips that will help you survive the madness.

Tip #1: Wear Exercise Clothes – It’s not a competition for best dressed, you’re competing for those Black Friday deals. So be sure to lace up those running shoes and put on your sweat pants because you’ll be sprinting through aisles and scaling shelves in order to grab those great deals.

Tip #2: Stay Caffeinated – Find a giant thermos and fill it to the brim with your favorite caffeinated beverage. You will need at least enough coffee or tea to last you all day and to also help you push through any caffeine crashes that you might endure.

Tip #3: Bring Easy to Carry Lunch/Snacks – There’s no time to stop and enjoy an afternoon picnic. There are serious deals going on. Bringing a sandwich or a snack that you can eat on the go will keep you moving and energized.

Tip #4: Create a Plan of Attack – A successful Black Friday shopper starts with a great plan. If you don’t mind returning home with a bunch of bumps and bruises but no shopping bags, then go ahead and run into each store without any direction or strategy. But if you wish to return victorious, then you must PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE. Know the layout of every store, a path to take through each one and the products that you wish to purchase. And like any good plan, it’s always important to have a Plan B just in case.

Tip #5: Reclaim Your Sanity – Subjecting yourself to the Black Friday frenzy can be a traumatizing experience. And even after you leave the stores and come back home, the tension can still linger. So after you step through the front door, drop those bags and take a nice hot bath to soothe those sore muscles and clean off the funk from your little shopping excursion. We guarantee you’ll feel as good as new.

And to celebrate your sale snatching prowess, here’s a congratulations card from us to you!

Black Friday Congratulations Card at Treat

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