4 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Even if you and your honey pie are miles apart this Valentine’s Day, don’t put your celebration on hold. Sure you won’t be able to steal a smooch or squeeze that special person tight, but you can still have a romantic day despite the distance.

Here are some great Valentine’s Day ideas that will bridge the gap between you and your significant other:

Webcam Chat – Miss seeing your sweetheart’s face? Of course you do! So log onto Skype or any other video calling service and pretty soon the two of you will be gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. And even though you’re really just staring into a computer screen, it’s the closest thing to feeling like that special person is physically right there in front of you.

Gifts – Your Valentine might be miles away, but that shouldn’t stop you from showering him or her with gifts. Get them something that they’ve really been wanting or create some sentimental décor that’s adorned with tender photos of the two of you. This may take a little planning and preparation on your part, but we guarantee the extra effort will lead to countless air kisses.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas at Treat

Write a Letter – This is perhaps the oldest and most meaningful way of showing your love on Valentine’s Day. Plus, it’s ideal for long distance lovers! Pour out your heart onto a lovely Valentine’s Day card and then slip it in the mailbox. Within a few days you’ll receive an ecstatic phone call from your sweetheart telling you how much they adored the card.

Heart Valentines Day Cards at Treat

Watch a Movie – There’s nothing like staying at home with that special someone and getting cozy as you watch a movie. But what if that special someone isn’t near? Well, you can still watch a timeless love story together without ‘actually’ being together. Just make sure your sweetheart has a copy of the film, pop it in, push play and voila, romantic movie night with your honey.

Love Valentines Day Cards at Treat

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