Who’s Worthy of a Treat Birthday Card?

Hey. You’re popular. You know a lot of people. You’ve got friends, family, and acquaintances. Chances are that you’re friends with them all on Facebook. And when their birthdays roll around, what do you do? Facebook post, right? Maybe an image, if they’re really special.

Well, as much as it’s a lot of fun to be bombarded with happy notifications all day on your birthday, we think this kind of sucks. Sure, nobody wants to send a real birthday card to every Tom, Dick and Harry, but your mom, your significant other, your best friend, your grandpa—don’t they deserve a little better?

To solve the problem of who to send a card to, we whipped up a handy flowchart. Just plug your loved one in and get an accurate gauge of their card worthiness. Then, go make them something special on Treat.

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