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I was one of those people that liked birthday cards but thought they were too expensive and in my opinion not worth it. Usually you always get appreciated for the gift you give, rarely the card you give. So I rarely gave cards.

A month ago, I was creating cards for my husband and sister-in-law (we’re a family full of Sep birthday) and I came across the Antique Gentlemen birthday card and thought it would be perfect for my father-in-law. I have never sent him a card before – he’s just not that kind of guy (I’m my opinion). Since he lives in India, I had the card first delivered and then mailed it to him. The postal Gods were on my side so he actually received it on his Birthday and called me up to tell me,

“It’s the best card I’ve received in 65 years.”

Of course, I won brownie points with my mother-in-law too. Now I’m a believer and will probably send a personalized card for most birthdays.

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