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Whose day did you make? My wife, Jennifer’s day, multiple times. I love sending her cards just to let her know I’m thinking of her, or to surprise her. She’s an attorney, so if I know she’s got a busy day with trials and clients coming up, I’ll try to send a card to arrive on that day, just to brighten it up a bit.

Was she pleasantly surprised? Every. Single. Time. Sending cards is such an easy way to always let her know that I’m thinking of her, and to show my love, even if I’m not so great at saying it out loud sometimes. It’s not even just sappy “I love you” stuff. There’s inside jokes in there about video games, zombies, and various other geeky things that are very much my personality, so having those there is like a little bit of me in her office at all times. She says it makes all the other ladies at the office jealous, seeing how many cards she gets from me.

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