Have You Sent a Card to our Troops?

Are you one of the 500 who have personalized a FREE card for our troops and veterans? If so, thank you! If not, don’t worry, you can still help us meet our 1,000 card goal. Make a free card until tomorrow (7/18/12) at midnight PT.

Here are a few notes and heartfelt cards from our customers that we couldn’t help but share.

“It’s easy for some of us to forget that you are working and putting your life on the line to protect us here. We go about our everyday lives without the thought of how it’s possible for us to live this way. I want you to know, you are thought of often by many of us. We appreciate all that you do…”

“I asked my four-year old if he would like to say anything to you, and he replied ‘I love the Chinooks that fly around Grandpa’s house!’ Well, even if you don’t happen to fly Chinooks, please know that the rest of the family thinks you’re just as cool as those Chinook pilots! :-)

Want to see what others are doing? Check ‘em out below:

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