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Treat tip #37: Plan a night out with your best friend because for some reason they just get you.

Come back each week for little nuggets of goodness to get you through the day.

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  1. Pam Hyde says:

    I really liked Tiny Prints (used them a lot!) Am frustrated with this new Treat….seems as though I can’t choose a blank card and put a gift card inside it, which bums me. Went to live chat (yes, I checked the hours it was available) and was left “hanging” for almost 10 min. after it said I was #1 in the que……no one ever responded to my querry about the gift card thing. I guess this all was insult to injury, since my first gift card from Tiny Prints was “lost” and now I’m willing to spend another $25 just so my grandson can have his birthday gift from me and I can’t figure out how to add the gift card……or your system doesn’t have that option, which sucks!
    Please respond if you want me to still be a customer.

    • Melissa says:

      Pam, we’re so sorry for the trouble. Our support rep took care of the issue for you–you’ll receive an email with all the details shortly.

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