The Lost Art of the Thank You Note

We are beyond excited to have Kelly from Birdie Shoots here to share her thoughts on the importance of written thank you notes!

In a time when email and text dominate the lines of communication, the written word has become a lost art form. Blame it on the speed and ease of technology, or the fact that most of us just don’t have the time to sit down and actually write. This form of gratitude was instilled in me at a very early age. I can remember my mom letting me pick out special stationery to send to relatives and friends after a birthday party or celebration. I would carefully plan out what I wanted to say then jot down my personalized greeting, ending each one with a simple “thank you”.


For the holidays I wanted to be able to send out a few extra special thank you’s to certain people in my life who had gone above and beyond to support me during the year. Instead of turning to my stack of boxed thank you notes, I opted for something with a bit more sentiment.


One thing that sparked my interested in Treat was the variety of personalization features they offered when designing a card. Everything from the greeting to the text to even the option of adding an image is all available to you.

The process could not have been easier, their design program walks you through each option, letting you save or edit as you navigate through each card. I loved how each of the inside messages could be customized, instead of generic. In my opinion, the sentiment inside a card is the most important part.


Often times I think people get too caught up in the fear of not knowing what to write in a thank you. My advice? Keep it simple and personal. People want and look forward to hearing from you, and I can assure you your message will go a long way!

Several birthdays, holidays, and graduations later I still dedicate the time to extending my thanks. Whether it be to a client or a friend I know my appreciation is received. Although this may be cliche, I’d like to sign off extending a thank you to my mom. Your encouragement to push me towards life’s simple forms of gratitude will forever be instilled in my mannerisms.

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